starting an online copywriting business is your answer. 

Whether you want a part time job to help cover basic expenses or pay for your yearly vacation, or heck, maybe you want to work full time and BUY yourself that dream beach house on your Pinterest board...

For real.

As you walk into the cold fluorescent lit office building, you wonder to yourself, “Is this really what I want in life?” No time with your kiddos, a boss and coworkers who drain your energy, and not to mention the sad income they pay you… can you even call it an income? 

You dread waking up every Monday, knowing it’s going to be like every other past Monday? Rushing around to get ready, preparing the IV coffee drip, and loading up the kids to get dropped off. 

This isn’t the life you are meant to live. 

Right now...

But to be honest, you don't even know where to start. You just know you can't be playing small anymore.

You know exactly what you have to's time to go BIG.

You get the point. 

You’re done accepting this basic life as your reality. You are ready for a BIG change- I’m talking “your office as a beach cafe, looking out over the ocean” kind of change. I’m talking, “No more student debt pulling you down, and instead you're putting a huge down payment on a dream house” kind of change. 

You just need some guidance on where to start.

Someone to tell you everything you need to know and all the tools you need in order to successfully set up an online copywriting business, reel in clients, AND have an abundance of money flowing to you (oh, hello monthly spa day).

Big change

If you're serious about kissing that average life goodbye, and you're ready to embrace a life where YOU decide what it looks like,

let me introduce...

You know you were meant to soak in the sun’s rays, spend quality time with your little peanuts, go on dates with your partner and rekindle that flame… 

The ultimate course for women who want to become a copywriter and live the life of their dreams


This isn’t your average copywriting course. 

The copywriter’s academy will save you hours (or months) of Google searching and trial & error.

It'll provide you with all the necessary knowledge, tools, short-cuts and support you need

The Copywriter's Academy shows you the ins and outs of how to successfully write magical converting copy, build a booming business from scratch, and attract your ideal client (so you aren’t writing for some loon who requests an arm and a leg from ya).

Even you will be impressed with yourself at the end of this course.

to become a sought after copywriter.

This course is for driven women who are ready to jump in and give it their all. If you want to spend more time with their peanuts, travel the world, or just have more FREEDOM, this course is for you.

"The Copywriter's Academy has been the biggest blessing! I dreaded the idea of keeping a 9-5 where my life revolved around work. I wanted financial stability but also wanted to be able to put my family first. In just 6 weeks I was able to start my own copywriting business and gain my first client even before the course ended! I am so thankful for Bailey and her genuine desire for others to succeed. She is so personable and teaches in a way that is easy to understand. Bailey gives you all the information you need to know and once you apply the material and take action, you are set up to have your own copywriting business faster than you think!"


Sign me up!

Are you ready to become a copywriter and finally gain that FREEDOM you desire & deserve?


Owning a thriving business that allows you to stay home with your kiddos. You'll both remember the fun memories, adventures, and traditions now that you have free time to be present!

Having the freedom to hop on a plane and travel to a new city without having to ask for PTO. Want a couple of days at Pappy and Nana’s a few states over? No problem.

Not being crippled by student or credit card debt. You don’t owe anyone anything. What a relief!

Submitting a down payment on your dream home. Hello, bungalow down the street from the ocean. You can smell the salty air through the open windows.

Saving up for your kid's college tuition. They won’t have to struggle with student debt like you experienced.

Finally have the time to enjoy your hobbies and passions. That garden you’ve been wanting to build can finally have proper attention to grow delicious veggies for the fam.

ENROLL soon!

The Dynamic Duo.

While most courses will teach you either the copywriting side OR the business side of owning a copywriting business...


You'll have access to ALL the information & tools need to start your copywriting business within weeks.

Tell me more! I’m 


Core Copywriting Basics

You'll learn the basic copywriting  projects and services you can offer as a copywriter. Blogs, emails, website copy, sales pages, Instagram captions, e-books and PDF guides will be touched on over the course of 5 lessons. You'll get an idea of what services interest YOU. You pick what you enjoy doing most.

Module 2:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Think Like a Thriving Business Owner

Before we jump into the copywriting bits, we will go over mindset. In order to become a successful copywriter & business owner, you need to think like one. You will confront your limiting beliefs & rewriting them, set daily habits and routines, and learn how to deal with feedback. Mindset is key to allowing yourself to grow and to truly manifest your dream life.  

Module 1:

Guest Speakers

Elise HOdge

Gracie Thomas

Copywriter for ENTREPRENEURs

Marketing & PR EXPERT

Precious Price

Pippa stone

LinkedIn Strategist

Branding Expert

Become a 5-Star Rated Copywriter

If you think you'll just learn the basics in this course, think again! You'll learn all the copywritng tips and techniques in order to make your copy stand out and convert. HIGH VALUE is what every copywriter should be striving for. This allows you to get more results and charge more for your services.

Module 3:

Create Your Business Foundations

This week is when you really start taking action and making decisions for YOUR copywriting business. You won't just become some freelancer. You are creating your own dang business. Picking your niche, creating a website, and discovering your personal brand are some of the decisions & action steps you'll take during week 4. 

Module 4:

Jaclyn Bacon

Women's Health Expert

the sound of this!

Becca Martin

Launch & Website Copywriter

Elise Hodge

 Copywriter & Educator

Melissa Giroux

SEO Expert

Module 6

Land Clients Like a Pro

Learning everything about copywriting doesn't mean much if you can't actually get clients! I wont let you be a "starving writing" who is begging for work every month. You'll learn VARIOUS ways of how to get clients, how to proceed with discovery calls, and how to keep those clients for the long haul! 

Module 6:

Module 5

Let’s Talk Moolah, Taxes & Legals

Being a copywriter isn't just about writing. As a  business owner, you need set yourself up legally, keep track of finances and know the basics of taxes. Don't worry, dealing with finances doesn't have to be scary. I have trackers and information to help you along. Plus, setting financial goals can be incredibly motivating!

Module 5:

"The Copywriter’s Academy is hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself! I love that the course is self paced and that I am able to go back and review anytime I need a refresh on something!

Bailey is personable and has always been more than willing to answer any questions I have!

Thank you for creating such an awesome resource that is packed full of information but not at all overwhelming!!"


I'm ready to create my 

dream life!

enroll now!

What's Inside?

Access to 6 Modules

Designed to take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a copywriter AND setting up your business. You will have actionable steps each week to guide you to a successful, long term career.

($1500 value)

Weekly Workbooks + Guides

You'll have access to weekly workbooks that include guides, tips, exercises and examples, so that you'll be confident to take on any copywriting project that comes your way.

($550 value)

Private Access to a Growing Facebook Group

Building a business can be hard work. Questions will pop up, clients will ask you questions you don't know, tech stuff can get in the way, and feedback will be super helpful. Having a supportive community to help you out along the way is incredibly helpful in building your business and your confidence. 

($900 value)

Templates, Making it Easy to Create Copy & Fast Track Business Set-up

Contract templates, cold email templates, and copy outlines are just some of the resources you'll have access to once you're inside the Copywriter's Academy. You don't have to reinvent the wheel! Grab the resources that have helped me reach those $8k months. 

($500 value)

Expert Guest Speakers

I didn't get to this point in my copywriting career alone. I had help and advice from other experts in their field. While I do cover some basics in my course, I wanted to call in some other experts to give you ladies the best VALUE I possibly can. You'll hear from branding and PR experts, client strategists and even health experts (because you'll want to prioritize your health to enjoy that wealth!)

($1000+ value)

natasha zoryk

Natasha is a designer and owner of NZ Designing - a digital marketing agency. She has expertise in everything from branding, Instagram, ​web design and more. Natasha resides in Ottawa, Canada, and is a fitness enthusiast, absolute foodie, and animal lover. Her days are usually spent in my office, creating impactful content for the world.

cara barone

Cara Barone is the powerhouse business mentor & strategist for corporate women who are ready to build a profitable online business while juggling their 9-5. While consulting at LinkedIn, she's built an online empire on her lunch break and loves helping other women do the same!

abby sealby

SAbby is a tech VA and funnel strategist. Starting her business in 2018, she has expanded from ‘doing all-the-things’ to niching down to assisting clients in expanding their audience and launching new offers. She focuses on building sales pages, email sequences and content plans. Resulting in her clients being able to focus on the tasks they enjoy most and ultimately scale their business quicker!

charity corrin

Charity owns a Socal (Southern California) focused social media agency focused around serving small businesses. Charity also coaches other multi-passionate social media managers to scale in multiple businesses.

lauren Kutschke 

Lauren Kutschke is a copywriter for her brand, Salted Pages. She helps entrepreneurs land dream clients and grow their businesses with website copywriting, blogs and email funnels. Her typical day consists of writing and cuddling with her dog, but she is often catching up on podcasts while flying away with her pilot husband to somewhere new.

Don't Forget the


Tools & Tutorial Must-haves for Staying Organized

Programs & Tools for Writing Flawless Copy

Watch me edit my own copy!

hey there!

See what previous              students are saying...

I'm Bailey Petrucelli.

A couple of years ago, I was drowning in student debt, stuck a job I hated, and pregnant with my first son. I knew this life wasn’t giving me even a fraction of what it had to offer me.

After months of trying to figure how to set up a sustainable business on my own, I invested in myself. I got myself a coach, and my life completely changed.

I took my copywriting skills and skyrocketed my income within a few months by elevating my business plan. 

I now have 2 little monster boys, our own place, and moolah in the bank like we never had before. 

When I started to see the radical change in our own lives, I told my husband I HAVE to help other women see the opportunity they have right in front of them.

Now I’m committed to guiding other women to create their dream life as a copywriter. 

I told myself enough was enough. I made the decision to believe in myself.

If I can do it, I know there are hundreds of others out there who can do it just as good... if not better!

Your copywriting mentor, a mama to two little dragons, a go-getter, and beach obsessed redhead that always has your back with the sunblock (seriously, put that sh** on).

"I have been craving a career that gives me freedom, I just didn't know how to do it on my own. The Copywriter's Academy was DEFINITELY what I needed to finally create the lifestyle I've always wanted. For an overthinker like me, Bailey breaks down how to start your own copywriting business into a simple process. I worked through the course at my own pace and felt like I finally had a clear vision for how to start my own business. So, if you're wondering if you should take the leap and invest in yourself. The answer is YES, YES, YES!

Truly, thank you for helping me jumpstart this career path for me. I'm very grateful for your guidance and I know other women in the course feel the same."


This is for



You have a desire to be your own boss, work when you want, take vacation 3 times a year, or LIVE at your vacation spot.

You are ready for a change of life, and want to say goodbye to your unfulfilling job and hello to a career with unlimited possibilities.

Are a go-getter and want to live up to your full potential. You know you can offer this world so much more and are ready to show it. 

You want to show yourself, your family, and generations to come that you don't have to settle. You are ready to go after your dream life and be an example that anything is possible.

You want to feel confident, knowing you are capable of so much more than you realize. You're ready to feel like the badass entrepreneur you never knew you were.

You're a word wizard and you just don't know it could make you thousands.

between 6-8k a month.


6 months after I *finally* made the decision to get serious about my copywriting business, I was making 

But it wasn't all about the money. I...

In The Copywriter’s Academy, you'll learn the successful pathways I took that lead to those $6-8k months.

You will bypass that trial and error, “what the heck am I doing” phase,


felt more confident than ever- career wise and life wise
was able to give birth to my second peanut and still bring in income that month
was working with dream clients
turned into the breadwinner- even though I was working less hours ;) (jealous much, hubby?)
prioritized my health because I finally had the time to dedicate to self care
realized this career allowed me to truly live my dream life

felt more confident than ever- career wise and life wise

was able to give birth to my second peanut and still bring in income that month

was working with dream clients

turned into the breadwinner- even though I was working less hours ;) (jealous much, hubby?)

prioritized my health because I finally had the time to dedicate to self care

realized this career allowed me to truly live my dream life


I want in!

hear what other

students are saying 


hear Madison's story. She decided to make the leap and believed in herself. She took action & had her business up and running AND her first client before the course ended!  1 month after the course ended she already has 3 clients, and is about to pay off the course investment!

Still here, wondering whether to make a move?

Let me get inside that noggin of yours & answer your burning questions.

is this for me?

"I want this! But I’m just too busy to start a new business right now."

What exactly  is a copywriter anyway??

is this for me?

Whether you want a full-time job or a part-time job to bring in some extra cash, a copywriting business is your answer.

Whether you want to stay at home and work in your pjs OR travel the world and write while overlooking an ocean or at a cafe in Paris... building a copywriting business is your answer. 

Whether you have years of experience in a different field or have no experience at all... you CAN build a copywriting business.

That's okay! The cool thing about The Copywriter's Academy is that you will have lifetime access. This means you can go at your own pace and come back to lessons or modules when you have time. 

Plus the modules and lessons are split up into reasonable video recordings. There is no fluff. Just full of vital information that you can then implement for your own business. 

We are all in different spots in our life but when you commit to the Copywriter's Academy, remember that you are taking the leap to believe in yourself and believe you can have the life of your dreams.. if you take ACTION.

"I want this! But I’m just too busy to start a new business right now."

Unlike other copywriting courses, this contains ALL the information and guidance you need to become a successful copywriter, not just bits of it.

 You will have a supportive community and the opportunity to ask questions when you get stuck. This allows for real time feedback and support. I also give you actionable steps that you can put into place so you know the order of steps you should take.

I’ve already invested in courses. How do I know this one will work?

A copywriter writes the copy or "words" for marketing or advertising purposes. These words help build the "know, like, trust" factor with a reader. 

The copy should direct the reader to take a specific action. 

As a copywriter, you may write blogs, emails, website copy, e-books, social media captions, ads and more.

What exactly  is a copywriter anyway??

The course will go over how to write effective blogs, emails, websites, sales pages, PDF guides, and even Instagram captions.

However, you can decide what you want to write. You don't have to write all of these types of copy if you don't want to.

The perks of being your own boss!

What will I write as a copywriter?

While I don't provide clients to you, I teach you NUMEROUS ways to get clients as well as guest speakers showing you how to attract clients.

Most students have a couple of clients before the course is completed!

Am I guaranteed clients at the end of the course?

Most copywriting courses are based on copywriting techniques. The Copywriter's Academy not only teaches you how to write effective and engaging copy, but it includes personal feedback so you have a portfolio piece to showcase that you are confident in. 

NOT ONLY THAT... But this course teaches you how to start and run your own business so you are seen as an expert copywriter. 

You will learn how to attract your ideal client so you don't have to be scrapping by each month. Instead you'll be thriving!

What makes this different compared to other copywriting courses?

Absolutely. There's no need to quit your job until you feel ready and confident. Taking this opportunity is low risk because it allows you build a solid foundation for when you are ready to take that leap.

In fact, when I started my copywriting journey, I had a full time job. I would write in the evenings, and weekends. 

When I had enough clients, I was able to leave my job confidently, knowing I was bringing in enough money and gaining clients even more clients every month.

Actually, I was able to bring in 4x the income at my old job soon after I quit because I was able to put all that time into my copywriting clients! WOOHOO! 

However, if you put in the work, you can have your copywriting career up and running within weeks.

I can’t afford to quit my job right now. Can I still do this?

The modules are presented as multiple video lessons. The videos are voice over powerpoints, and shared screened videos. You'll also have access to workbooks that include examples, activities and guides. 

How are the modules presented?

A new module will be unlocked each week. Once it is opened, you'll have lifetime access to it. Each weekly module is broken up into multiple shorter lessons so you can easily go at your own pace and take the necessary action phase step-by-step.

How is the course delivered?

That's just a limiting belief... don't worry we will have you feeling confident and like you can take on anything after module one.

Almost anyone can be a great copywriter. With practice you can learn how to write like a effective copywriter. And remember, this isn't like the writing you learned in school. Copywriting is like writing how you talk. So no need for that fancy, smarty pants talk. 

Are you worried you're bad at grammar? Don't worry. I'm the not best either! But guess what? Spellcheck and Grammar tools are a thing ya know!

Also, remember that you only need a couple of clients to make a pretty penny! Some students make their money back (plus some) within a month of signing on a couple of clients. THAT'S WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT, if you ask me.

Would I be good at this? I’m afraid I won’t be good enough to make money, let alone make back the investment.

You'll have access to a Q&A vault where previous questions have been asked and answered. Plus our private Facebook Group is a supportive community designed to help each other along for when questions arise or if you run into client questions. 

Plus I personally will be hoping in there to answer questions of course!

If you have a questions, we will do our best to figure it out!

What if I have questions throughout the course?

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll get sent a link to the course platform. If you have any trouble you can always email me!

Do I get access Asap?

This is the last chance to join the course in 2021! While you can join next time, think about where you could be just a couple of months from now. 

What you do today determines where you'll be 3 to 6 months from now. Plus, it's most likely cold outside and you're spending your nights watching TV. You might as well be productive with your time while you're stuck in your home. 

When summer comes around, you'll be able to travel because you'll actually have income to do so AND remember that you can work from ANYWHERE as a copywriter. 

If you want to stay rent out an Airbnb for a month by the beach, do it! 

But you need to start NOW on your business and copywriting journey in order to be able to do so.

Can I Join Next Time?

Most copywriting courses are based on copywriting techniques. The Copywriter's Academy not only teaches you how to write effective and engaging copy, but it includes personal feedback so you have a portfolio piece to showcase that you are confident in. 

NOT ONLY THAT... But this course teaches you how to start and run your own business so you are seen as an expert copywriter. 

You will learn how to attract your ideal client so you don't have to be scrapping by each month. Instead you'll be thriving!

What makes this different compared to other copywriting courses?

Pick a payment plan that best suits you and your situation. I have multiple payment plans available because I wan't this opportunity to be available to anyone who is ready to create their dream life and start their own copywriting business.


HOw do I get started?

I see you... If you made it to the bottom of this page, something deep down knows you want this. You know this opportunity came into your life for a reason. 

Don't ignore this life-changing, golden opportunity.

If you are ready to change your life, scroll back up and click a payment plan that works best for you.